You are hereA "Chembow" Observed in Prince Edward County, Ontario, July 3 2010

A "Chembow" Observed in Prince Edward County, Ontario, July 3 2010

By genebean - Posted on 10 July 2010

" Have you noticed anything unusual in the sky lately? If you're over 30 or so (as of this writing), you may remember what a clear blue sky looks like. Otherwise, you may not even realize that these long, persistent trails coming out of the backs of planes are not normal contrails. Prior to the mid '90s, airplane contrails did not have the tendency to persist as long as they do now. Observe how the trails form wispy, persistent clouds, gradually dispersing into haze. You may see rainbows (as seen here) and pink and green dichroism (2-colors). Diffraction and dichroism are strong indicators for the presence of metallic aerosol. "

THIS IS NOT A REGULAR RAINBOW -- the key difference is that it is reflected, not refracted. A normal rainbow is seen regardless of clouds, but usually after rain when there are droplets of moisture in the sky; however a chembow is seen superimposed on a cloud (containing metallic aerosols), even when it hasn't rained.

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