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Swine Flu -- Don't Believe The Hype

By genebean - Posted on 11 August 2009

What pandemic? Okay, so if we go with the definition that a "pandemic" means any disease that jumps the borders of countries, then sure, we have a pandemic. BUT....

The present "swine flu" that everyone is panicking about, is not more severe than the regular flu. Yes there have been deaths, but it's only been less than 0.5% of the total reported cases. And the patients who died already had other health complications that severely compromised their immune systems.

You'd be better off getting the swine flu than taking the toxic vaccines that they're going to be pushing. The vaccines will contain squalene, an animal oil that is safe when eaten but toxic when injected. It is added as an "adjuvant", something that is toxic enough to your immune system to cause it to react strongly so as to trigger an immunity. The reason for this is to cut costs -- more "filler" and less of the real viral matter, to manufacture it cheaply en masse.

But guess what folks, there's more problems with vaccines than squalene. Most people hear the term "immunization" and they think they will be 100% protected from a disease. Simply not true. Even Wikipedia's entry (at the time of this writing) says "vaccines do not guarantee complete protection from a disease". Many doctors and experts are actually against vaccinations in general. In fact vaccines are toxic, have been shown to cause autism (see article below), and have caused many adverse reactions, either immediate or long-term (developmental). Here is a real-life example of an infant who died from a Hepatitis vaccine :

The real reason vaccines are being promoted, despite their risks and lack of effectiveness, is because they're big money for Big Pharma.

Here are more articles to back up everything I've said in this article. Please be informed and have a good read :