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Vaccines Give Only Partial, Temporary Immunity, Make Your Body's Defenses Weaker Overall

By genebean - Posted on 04 August 2012

"The notion that vaccines create a life-long immunity that is equal or superior to natural immunity is not even claimed in medical literature. They only claim that vaccines reduce the symptoms of diseases."

"The clinical evidence for vaccines is their ability to stimulate antibody production in the recipient, a fact that is not disputed. What is not clear, however, is whether such antibody production produces immunity."

"Though there is still much to be learned, it has become evident that artificial immunity, stimulated by vaccination, is not even close to duplicating immunity received from natural exposure and may actually work in an immune-suppressive fashion."

"Natural Immunity is a complex phenomenon involving many organs and systems. It cannot be duplicated by the artificial stimulation of antibody production."

"Natural immunity happens only after actually recovering from the actual disease. When naturally exposed to pathogens, the organism has to pass through the body's natural defense systems in the body before it ever reaches the bloodstream. A tremendous amount of biological events are triggered which are essential in developing true immunity long before the pathogen ever comes into contact with the bloodstream."

"Vaccination by direct injection into the bloodstream bypasses much of the normal defenses of the immune system, which produces only partial immunity."

"The idea that vaccines work by subtle immune suppression is receiving rapid support within the scientific and research community."

"The later part of the 20th century has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of individuals with impaired immunity. There is considerable experience with most vaccines in those with impaired immunity."

"Several studies have shown that the incidence of asthma and allergies tends to rise in countries where childhood immunization rates are high."

"It is true that natural infection almost always causes better immunity than vaccines. Whereas immunity from disease often follows a single, natural infection, immunity from vaccines occurs only after several doses."

Source : Challenging the Theory of Artificial Immunity